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It’s one thing to gather with those who have been found; it’s another thing to go to those who are lost.  It’s one thing to love those you know; it’s another thing to love those you don’t know.  It’s one thing to speak about Jesus in the assembly; it’s another thing to speak a good word for Jesus in the world.  It’s one thing to keep the saved saved; it’s another thing to save the unsaved.  Yes, the church is sometimes a gathered community, but she is also a sent community.  This year we will be challenged to go and not stay.

To listen, scroll down to the Soundcloud playlist. For lessons that were streamed during the COVID-19 pandemic, click the individual links underlined below. 
January           Introduction
March             Sent to Shine
May                 Sent to Serve
July                  Sent to Share
September     Sent to Suffer
November      Sent to Save