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Walk4Water is a four-mile fundraising walk that began in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. Since that time, thousands have joined the Healing Hands International effort to bring clean water to people all around the world.


1. First, register to walk at one of the events currently scheduled. You may register as an individual or create a team and invite your friends to join you!

2. Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also think that good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations work! Let people know that even the smallest gift can make an impact. A simple $5 donation can bring clean water to 3 people!

3. Finally, join with others in walking 4 miles in honor of those who have to walk 4 miles everyday. If you’re up to a real challenge, try carrying a jerrican with 5 gallons of water while you walk. You will be surprised how difficult this is!

Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements and bulletin articles with info about this year’s effort.

***Information and video above credited to Healing Hands International website, www.hhi.org.