247 Pulaski Street, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 Sun School 9:30, Sun AM Worship 10:25, Sun PM Worship 6:00, Wed Bible Class 7:00


God made us to worship him. There’s a God-shaped hole in all of our hearts that only he can fill (Eccles. 3:11). But in this fallen world, people have been trying to fill that hole in their hearts with someone or something other than God. They’ve been worshiping the creature rather than the Creator (Rom. 1:25). God, however desire and deserves true worshipers (John 4:21-24). This year at Pulaski Street is about making sure that we are the true worshipers that God seeks.

January: Worship Is Inescapable.
February: Worship Is God-centered.
March: Worship Is Christ-Exalting.
April: Worship Is Word-Regulated.
May: Worship Is Wholehearted.
June: Worship Is Participatory.
July: Worship Is Communing.
August: Worship Is Singing.
September: Worship Is Praying.
October: Worship Is Giving.
November: Worship Is Listening.
December: Worship Is Consecration.