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Do you know what love looks like?  In God’s estimation, love isn’t the dainty, sentimental, and toothless version of love that our society touts, and it certainly shouldn’t be equated with some warm, fuzzy feeling.  Jesus didn’t feel like being nailed to a cross, but he did it anyway.  Jesus lived love, and his church should, too.  Consider joining us this year as we take a long look at what loving others well involves.

January            Live Love: A Rationale
February          Love is patient, not irritable.
March               Love is kind, not rude.
April                  Love isn’t envious.
May                   Love isn’t smug.
June                  Love isn’t selfish.
July                   Love isn’t resentful.
August              Love rejoices with truth, not evil.
September       Love is protective.
October            Love is trusting.
November        Love is optimistic.
December        Love is tough.