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Can you recall a time when you were mesmerized by something you saw or experienced?  Something that you couldn’t wrap your mind around?  Something whose depths you couldn’t plumb?  Something you just couldn’t take all in?  Something unique?  Something seemingly otherworldly?  Something breathtakingly beautiful?  Something that made your jaw drop?  Something that made you feel wonderfully nervous? In other words, have you ever been awestruck?

In 2017, our overarching goal as a church family is to be awestruck by God.  His attributes and actions are truly awe-inspiring.  We all try to fathom what God is really like.  In the midst of our perplexity, we try to put God in a box, so that we can understand Him better or relate to Him more.  But God cannot be put into a box.  This year is about taking God out of the box and standing in awe of Him.

January            Responding to an Awesome God
February          Existing as Three-in-One
March              Inhabiting Eternity
April                Creating the Gigantic Things
May                 Creating the Microscopic Things
June                 Dwelling in Unapproachable Light
July                  Being Everywhere Simultaneously
August             Knowing Everyone and Everything Exhaustively
September       Becoming a Human Being
October           Performing Miracles
November       Dying for Enemies
December        Conquering the Grave